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The Grawlix (or Gr@wlix!) is Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy. Based in Denver, we produce a monthly comedy show and a web series.
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The Whitest Kid You Know.

The Whitest Kid You Know.


A sneak peek at Those Who Can’t, an Amazon Studios pilot in production for Prime Instant Video. The show was created by Andrew Orvedahl, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Benjamin Roy, and inspired by their web series, The Grawlix. Orvedahl says the process has been “an amazing experience” so far:

“Coming from the world of self-produced web shorts, leaping into a full-length sitcom pilot was new to all of us, including the Nix brothers, who were directing and shooting. It was basically an immersive crash course in how to make a pilot. Spending the previous year making those web shorts paid off quite a bit because we already had the working chemistry both behind and in front of the camera. We’d been doing this in a way just for fun, weekend after weekend, for free. So I’m really glad we had been working on The Grawlix web series all this time.”

Learn more about this and other Amazon Studios pilots in production.


With Ben and Adam on the road a lot, Andy is left to run The Grawlix by himself. 

Starring Rory Scovel, Sean Patton and Andrew Orvedahl, The Grawlix is back…kind of.

Shot by the Nix Bros. and shot in Denver, Colorado. Thank you everyone who supports our comedy! Also don’t forget we still sell Grawlix mugs! Buy one for your psychiatrist!  

The Grawlix Best of 2012

To celebrate The Grawlix’ 2 year anniversary, the guys put together this 25 track “Best Of” from the past two years. It is Absolutely Free to Download. Please Download, Listen, and Share!

Stream here. Download here:

1. Introducing ourselves
2. Julian McCullough has a gambling problem @julezmac
3. Cameron Esposito wants black Ken @cameronesposito
4. John F. O’Donnell is the CEO of unemployment @JFODcomedy
5. Jordan Doll hides bodies @RazorLou
6. Karl Hess will never receive clarity @karlhess
7. Mo Welch is not longer on OkCupid @momowelch
8. Amber Tozer wishes she was a boy @AmberTozer
9. Ben Roy thinks alcoholic comedians are stupid @benroy00
10. Erik Anker thinks dating is weird @erikforserious
11. Ryan Singer loves cookie dough @RySing
12. Kate Berlant found a dress in the ocean @kateberlant
13. Andy wants to fuck his friends @TheOrvedahl
14. Dan Soder talks shit to old people @DanSoder
15. Bryan Cook is such an asshole @BryanCooking
16. Abbey Jordan might be pregnant @ThisAbbeyJordan
17. Josh Blue has a wife fetish @JoshBlueComedy
18. Andy Haynes got his weed card @imandyhaynes
19. Tony Sam loves cake @ToeKneeSam
20. Rob Gleeson gets owned by campers @RobGleeson
21. Adam gave his DVD a horrible name @CaytonHolland
22. Dave Ross dreams about fucking his dad @davetotheross
23. Mark Normand is black @marknorm
24. Chris Fairbank’s funeral plans @chrisfairbanks
25. The Sklar Brothers think they can dance @SklarBrothers

5280 Magazine did a piece on our upcoming pilot for Amazon Studios.

Great set by our Adam Cayton-Holland on Conan O’Brien last night. 

Denver Post’s Hey Reverb has a new story out about Adam Cayton-Holland’s scheduled appearance on Conan O’Brien! Don’t forget to set your TiVos!

The Grawlix will be in Omaha this Friday performing at The Waiting Room. Local zine Omahype chatted with the fellas about their debut.

Violence ensues after an unexpected package shows up at Adam’s door.

Check it out and don’t forget to vote!

It’s the high holiday season here in Grawlix Town, one of our favorite times of year for so, so many reasons! Whether it’s Andrew covering himself head to toe in tinsel and strolling gayly through the streets, signing carols for anyone not repulsed by his mustache, or Ben recapping the year in his delightful annual holiday letter, letting friends and family know exactly what they did wrong this year, and how, or whether it’s me, Adam, trolling holiday parties for cheap drinks and even cheaper pills, the sea
son fills us to the gills with cheer. But perhaps our most favorite thing about this time of year, is how the holidays bring home many of our favorite Denver-bred comedians who have moved to other parts of the country in bold, dick-joke diasporas. And so we shall parade them before you, our loyal Grawlix audience, on December the 28th and we will say goodbye to this fucked up year the only way we know how: Spanish. 

Please come out and join us as we welcome home Rob Gleeson, pencil-necked comedy juggernaut/Will Arnett version 2.0 (we’ve all seen the commercial). Rob rules and we’re glad to have him back. Then sup from the cup of Andy Sell, lovely friend of the show/hilarious half-walrus man with a mustache to rival Baron Von Orvedahl). What else? How about Dave Ross, the man behind one of LA’s absolute best comedy shows Holy Fuck and just a swell-smelling individual in general.

Not enough? Okay fine. How about Aurora-born, NYC comedy badass Dan Soder? Don’t know who Dan is? For. Fucking. Shame. He’s got innumerable credits (Just for Laughs, SXSW, some podcasts, one time bought Adam a beer) and he rules. And then to top it all off oh yeah we’ve got Josh Blue

Yes. That Josh Blue.

Couple that with the Grawlix boys and oh, I don’t know, a new episode of the Grawlix web series and you’ve got yourself one hell of a show. See ya there, urrybody. Tis the season!
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